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Bridging the Gap

Between Rehab

 And Performance 

Transforming your body into a better version of you!

Why is there a gap between rehab and performance?

Unfortunately, the insurance world we live in limit the ability to allow physical therapists to get you WELL.  Insurance is not interested in your prior level of function outside of taking care of basic needs and returning to work.  They don't find it important to value who you once were prior to your injury and who you still want to be.  They don't think it is important to see you compete at your prior level of sport.  I see that need for you to be all that you can be.  I see a need to allow you to not just heal from an injury, but to fully reach your potential in all aspects of your life and reduce the risk of future injury due to compensations that may occur after any injury.

The Body (and brain) LOVES Variety!

Changing up your routine stimulates not only your body, but your brain.  This makes you more compliant and successful!  We are 3-Dimensional people and we should train our bodies as such!

Physical Therapist who understands YOU

As a physical therapist in the outpatient orthopedic setting since 2006, I have seen the importance of assessing the entire body on an individual basis to understand your needs and goals and how they relate to any impairments or dysfunction you might have.  It's about treating people, not just a body part.

Why I'm Breaking Away from Insurance-Based Practice

Being in the health care industry for over a decade has allowed me to see great transition in the care that is given.  Unfortunately, insurance has many more restraints and is seeing less value in skilled care.  Yet the consumer is paying more out of pocket.  As a result, the health care provider is seeing more patients which results in the quality of your care to go down.  By being free from insurance restraints, I can give more to my patients to allow them to function more optimally toward their goals.

Unique Services

- Injury prevention and management


- Athletic Performance


- Women's Health/Postpartum care

- Triathletes 


- Golf Performance and rehabilitation 

-Online training programs and memberships

Taking charge of your health from the inside out

Without our health, we are incomplete.  But what is health?  Moving better.  Feeling better.  Living better.  Emotionally, physically and mentally.  There is so much more to each one of us and when all these systems work in harmony, we are the healthiest we can be!