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Every BODY is unique

No one person is identical, just like no one injury is identical.  I frequently receive questions asking for a good exercise for "X" pain.  The answer is not that simple.  The complexity is understanding why the symptoms are coming about.  Where is the culprit to the pain, not just the cause.  I do not believe in a "cookie cutter" approach to treatment.  Every patient is looked at on an individual level to understand YOUR personal symptoms, why they are coming about and why is this an issue for YOU?  What drives you?  Why do you want to get better?  From there, we work together as a team to establish a personal plan for your needs, your wants, and your body.



Most people know that they should take care of themselves, but struggle to figure out how to do it.

It's easy to say we're going to eat better or exercise, but to actually follow through it difficult.  Making that transition takes more than a "push through" attitude, it takes a mindful and heart-filled decision.  It requires taking the gifts that our bodies have given us and utilizing them on all levels.  Because when we can BE well, we can better love, serve and perform in all aspects of our lives.

Imagine moving, feeling, living and BEING the best version you were created to be.  How would that look?  Are you ready to get there?

Special Services Continued

Have you ever thought, I'm not injured, but I always have nagging issues every time I start a workout plan?  I don't know where to go.  Or I just want to FEEL better?Movement Analysis with comprehensive plan for independent training: 

Imagine Becoming All You Were Made to Be!  Optimizing your Health!

Comprehensive Performance packages available.  No time or need for physical therapy 2-3x/week, but need some guidance on a semi-independent program to fulfill your journey.  Whether it is living to your fullest wellness potential or training for the next level, this program will allow 4 sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, each time evaluating and re-assessing your progress.  Each session will include set up on an app of YOUR personal wellness journey plan.  Giving you what YOUR body needs and wants to move, feel, live and BE better!  Click here for more info: