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Our medical model has set us up to only seek care if we are sick or injured.  What if we became empowered to take charge of our health and sought care before crisis arose?  What if we realized that our health and our bodies are worth something?  That we are worth more and want to move, feel and live better?  We take our car in regularly for a tune up or maintenance check, why not our bodies?  Aren't we worth so much more than our car?!  I believe you are.  By seeking care before injury arises, you can become stronger and move better, which ultimately will allow you to live and perform better.  We are all imbalanced people, but these imbalances don't present themselves until something breaks.  Our bodies are smart.  They take the path of least resistance.  And it works great.  Until it doesn't.  The chain reaction of our bodies makes it so that if one thing locks up or shuts down something else will have to take the stress.  It's like having a bunch of friends surrounding you but no one willing to help.  When we can connect our bodies to interact properly together, we are able to function most optimally.  This will mean improved strength because you can move and load better.  This means improved performance in your sport because your body is trained and prepared for the unpredictable.  Looking at the body in it's entirety as a chain reaction is the best way to allow you to move and feel the best and become the greatest version of you that you were created to be!  Why wait until you're broken to seek help?  You have one body.  You are in charge of it.  Becoming a warrior of your health will empower you as a person to take charge and feel amazing!

Changing the Way We View Physical Therapy

Once Post Partum, Always post partum

So much emphasis placed on the pregnant woman, but what happens after the baby comes?  What about the unspoken 4th Trimester?  
You have the baby and are left confused with your changed body.
  • How will this affect me in the short term?
  • How will it affect me in the long term?
  • Will I ever feel good in and about my body again?
  • Is is normal to have pain during sex?
  • Is it normal to pee my pants?
  • Will my baby pooch ever go away?
So many unanswered questions.  It is confusing!
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Yes Mama, you!  Who are filled with joy yet confused about everything.  Who can't think straight.  Whose world was flipped up-side down.  Who wants only to love this baby, but wants to understand what just happened to your body. You who knows that you want your body to feel normal again, but doesn't know how.  Who wants to be set up for success, rather than breakdown.
Who wants to know the basics, but also wants to be a rock-star again.  And feel beautiful.  And you are.  You are worth taking care of, and you will care better for that baby if YOU are taking care of.  
My 10-week online program will transform you body so that you will look good in and feel good about your body again!
It will bridge that gap that is missing between having a baby and returning to regular activity.
So whether you've recently had a baby or it has been years, this program is for you!
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